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Bebo Founders Turning a FiDi Building Into a Swanky Private Club

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Turns out there's still some of that dot-com money floating around — the Examiner reports that the founders of social-networking site Bebo are planning on a $15 million project to refurbish, expand, and strengthen the Musto Building at 717 Battery St. True, Bebo's ultimate fate was to become neither Facebook nor MySpace, but the company was able to net $850 million when AOL bought them two years ago. Now that money will turn the 1907 building into a "decadent private club" that'll include a few hospitality suites for members, a pool, health club, fourth-story penthouse (the building's currently three stories), a roof deck, library, an open space dubbed "Musto Plaza," and more! There'll also be a lounge and restaurant that reportedly "might" be open to the public. The Musto Building was designed by William Mooser, the first city architect and designer of the oceanliner-looking National Maritime Museum on Beach Street.
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