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Caltrain Says Ending Bullet Train in San Jose Won't Do Any Good

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On the matter of ending high-speed rail in San Jose rather than San Francisco, this may (or may not!) be the final word: Caltrain officials say that even if the fantasies of Peninsula NIMBYs come true and the bullet train terminates in San Jose, Caltrain would still require a track expansion that would result in the same amount of property taking and noise and aesthetics issues. Blam! You just can't win, Menlo Park. Still, that's not for a lack of trying. Peninsula and South Bay cities are skeptical of projected ridership figures to begin with (or at least it behooves them to be), and they're holding out for the possibility that a "hybrid" Caltrain-bullet train system would work if, in fact, there are way fewer riders than previously projected. More track alignment possibilities are forthcoming, so we'll see what the rail planners think of all this soon enough.
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