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City Wants Gardens On Every Dirt Patch, Rooftop, and Windowsill

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If the gardens being planted on every spare surface, "empty lots, windowsills, median strips and rooftops," are any indication, Gavin's pretty serious about this whole urban gardening thing. City Hall's victory garden is long gone, but in addition to little veggie patches that are due in the Bayview, Golden Gate Park, and other places, Gavin broke ground today on the Civic Center's newest little lesson in fiber consumption. This one, at the corner of McAllister and Larkin, comes about as a result of a partnership with community-minded Triscuit (yes, that Triscuit). From the mouth of the city's greening director: "It's not only about feeding mouths. It's about feeding the soul and feeding the pride of San Francisco urban dwellers."
· Mayor's agriculture plan soon to bear fruit [SFGate]