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Michelle Kaufmann Building a Hummingbird Habitat in the Presidio

The FOR-SITE Foundation, the local nonprofit that commissioned the 90-foot "Spire" installation in the Presidio in 2008, is launching another Presidio art project this May. "Presidio Habitats" will be comprised of a number of conceptual art-cum-animal habitat projects, the first of which we get a peek of today on Michelle Kaufmann's blog. The prefab and green architect has apparently been keeping busy since selling off the designs for her modular homes — this morning she posted her concept for a hummingbird habitat strung together from rusted and sawed off steel pipes. The varying heights of the pipes "create angles and new land forms changing the planes of the existing ground to maximize the play and flights of the hummingbirds while they are feeding on the flowers and in drinking in the cascading water fountains." Anything that maximizes the play of hummingbirds is good in our book. According to FOR-SITE's site, the projects will stick around for a year.
· Presidio Habitats Project [Michelle Kaufmann Studio]