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Warriors Could Move to San Francisco and Get Mission Bay Stadium

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The world of Golden State Warriors fans exploded this morning with an announcement that the team is officially seeking a new owner— a turn of events, of course, that follows rumors last year that a new owner would seek to move the team to San Francisco and build an arena "downtown." Back in October, it was still wild-speculation season, even if the nugget was grounded by one fairly confident-sounding sports columnist. According to the Merc, there are a number of people in the running to snap up the Warriors, including Larry Ellison and 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov. The one thing "almost all" these potential new owners have in common: they want to move the team to San Francisco, and build a privately financed arena — brace! — in the Giants parking lot south of AT&T Park. That might just be news to the Giants and their Mission Rock development partners, who are still planning a massive (if slightly scaled down) neighborhood-making project there — one that would likely need significant reworking to accommodate a basketball stadium. Seatbelts: buckled.
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Mission Rock

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