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Hayes Playground Is the First of Three Parks to Get Fixed Up

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Over the next several months, three San Francisco parks will be getting majorly reworked by the Trust for Public Land, a local nonprofit that specializes in converting land into parks and open spaces. The Hayes Valley Playground, Balboa Park, and Boeddeker Park are all existing parks, of course, but have each in one way or another needed upgrades to crumbling amenities, and are generally surrounded by neighborhoods with a "severe lack" of nearby parks. First up is Hayes Valley Playground, which began demolition of its playground and clubhouse earlier this year— the site will get new versions of everything, with outdoor gym equipment for adults, a garden area, and (as per the new moral and architectural requirement!) a green roof. The whole project is slated to be completed by the end of the year.

By mid 2010, work on Balboa Park is scheduled to begin, bringing a larger play area for kids, a skate park, and picnic areas with pathways and landscaping. The Balboa Park renovation's scheduled to finish by early 2011, when renovations to Boeddeker Park in the Tenderloin will take the baton. The park, at Eddy and Jones, got a little attention around this time last year during the approvals process for David Baker's grocery store/housing project, which would have cast some shadows on the site. The new design will add play areas for the kiddies, gym equipment for adults, and a more substantial lawn. Presumably they'll also be doing something about the "6' tall spiked fences" that "create a sense of entrapment."
· Parks for People — Bay Area [Trust for Public Land]

Hayes Valley Playground

598 Linden Street, San Francisco, CA

Hayes Valley Playground

Buchanan St & Hayes St, San Francisco, CA