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Millennium Partners Are Jazzed Again About Mexican Museum/Condos

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There are signs of life at 706 Mission St, where Millennium Partners and the city have set an "ambitious but realistic" timeline for nailing construction entitlements on the Mexican Museum/high-rise project by early next year, with construction starting in late 2011 or early 2012. Project leads are giving credit to supe David Campos for lighting a fire under everyone's collective ass, depressed as they were that the economy had ground all their lofty plans to a halt. Campos, actually, says he's mainly interested in the Mexican Museum finally getting its day, and isn't particularly "wedded to the specifics" of this proposal. In any case, Campos' pot-stirring has gotten Millennium Partners re-energized on the project, which would create a 450- to 550-foot condo tower with the Mexican Museum at street level, all connected to the existing Mercantile Building (which would have its non-historic gold bricks removed). The new building would be designed by Handel Architects' Glenn Rescalvo and Enrique Norten of TEN Arquitectos — the latter rumored to be in the running to design SFMOMA's expansion.
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Mexican Museum

706 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA