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'Rare' 1-Bed Unit in Millennium Tower With Extra High Ceilings

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The third Millennium Tower condo now on the MLS, Unit 25B is on the 25th floor, or the top floor of the "Residences." (Above that are the "Grand Residences" from floors 26 through 40, with larger and generally more luxurious units.) But, says the listing, 25B's a "rare" find, since the 25th floor has "extraordinarily high ceilings found on only one other floor. Because of this, the 25th floor was one of the very first to sell-out in the developer's initial sales phase." This particular unit, a 1-bed 1-bath, just hit the MLS today, and is going for $749,000. Homeowners dues are $775.
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Millennium Tower

301 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 Visit Website

Millennium Tower

301 Mission St., San Francisco, CA