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We Probably Already Knew This, But New Mission Theater's 'On Ice'

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In a somewhat stock story about the struggles of dead art deco theaters, the Wall Street Journal does have a nugget of information that perhaps we all already knew, in our heart of hearts: "The weak economy has put a restoration of San Francisco's landmark New Mission Theatre on ice." For all the controversy over supposed misconduct and alleged wink-wink "typos" that allowed business owner Gus Murad to build 20 feet taller than city officials had actually decided, we haven't heard a peep from the project team since. The project, if you'll recall, would have involved a restoration of the theater with "kitchen, dining, and full-bar activities," while turning the discount store next door into condos and street-level stores. Anyway, the point of the WSJ's story was this: after eight years and $37.3 million, Alameda reopened their own shuttered movie theater, and its "halo effect" has since contributed to their downtown's "metamorphosis," even amid a scary recession! Take note, Alexandria.
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New Mission Theater

2554 Mission Street, san francisco, ca