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North Beach Condo Has a Strange Affinity for Orangina Colors

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The house underneath this fluorescent yellow-green clown makeup doesn't actually look so bad, which is why it didn't get immediately filed into our That's Rather Hideous folder. But the color scheme, especially in combination with the Orangina art above the stairwell, is certainly enough to give you pause. Still, the gentle arch of the ceiling in this 3-bed North Beach condo leaves hope that there's something nice here. And with that bedroom of three consecutive beds, we think the listing's crying out to be snapped up by a nice family of three bears with a taste for mattresses that are too hard, too soft, and just right. Asking price for the 2,000 square foot property is $1,295,000, and there's also a 2-bed unit in the building going for $775,000.
· 28 Vandewater St [Redfin]
· 26 Vandewater St [Redfin]

28 Vandewater St., San Francisco, CA