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Loft Condo in a SoMa Brick Conversion Building of Certain Origin

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The "NY style loft" at 57A Rodgers St isn't on the MLS yet, but it's been making the Craigslist rounds for a few days now. The top-floor condo's a 1-bed, 1-bath with 811 square feet, part of an old "ivy-covered" SoMa building that was converted to residential use in 2000. The property's page says the building was adapted by L.A.-based architect Whitney Sander, though we couldn't find any other references to his having worked on it. One noticeable departure from your run-of-the-mill adapted brick building: the walls have been painted over in bright white, though we're not exactly sure that's a selling point. Asking price is $495,000.
· Loft Bedroom in Brick Conversion Building in Vibrant SOMA [Craigslist]

57 Rodgers St., San Francisco, CA