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Building Inspectors Ready to Put Foot Down on Alexandria Theater?

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The Examiner today follows up on the SF Appeal's reporting on the Alexandria Theater, saying that neighbors and the city are finally hoping to crack down on its persistent blight. While the owners and the Planning Department continue to blame each other for all that nothing going on at the site, homeless people are using it "like a restroom," and the theater remains empty. But because two small businesses operate out of the back of the building, the Alexandria can't technically be deemed a vacant building, and thus subject to recent legislation requiring inspection fees and possible blight penalties. Today, says the Examiner, the city's finally dispatching a hard hat down there to figure out what's what, and to see if the building really can't be declared vacant. Meanwhile, the local leadership wants to close the loophole that allows the building to sit there with impunity — which might actually light a fire under the owners' collective asses and get that boutique theater up and running.
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