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Rec and Park Planning to Load Up Plazas With 'Curated' Markets

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Another project in Rec and Park's campaign toward self-reinvention: "boutique" markets for three public spaces. Civic Center Plaza, Justin Herman Plaza, and Candlestick Park could collectively rake in $150K every year if they get installations of outdoor markets that echo the kind of handmade jewelry and whatevers that street artists sell on the Embarcadero. As with the food cart proposal for Coit Tower, Rec and Park's seeking a distinctly San Francisco vibe selling things that are: "made in San Francisco, handmade, fair-trade, organic, recycled, or re-purposed." The "curated market" means the city's visitors bureau isn't too worried about duplication of efforts at already existing markets: "Competition is not always the worst thing. It often encourages them to work harder." Meanwhile, the chairman of the street artists liaison committee (that's a thing?) seems to hint that his gang isn't necessarily psyched about the prospect of this "working harder": "They'd be selling essentially the same things we are. We would like them to rescind this." That's because the request for proposals has already gone out, and like the Coit Tower proposal, is only waiting for enterprising business owners to show up.
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[Jewelry and stuff via Flickr/e_melodic]