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A 3-Bedroom Townhouse on Russian Hill's Ultra-Pedigreed Summit

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This 3-bed, 2.5-bath luxury townhome on Russian Hill's "Summit" has been on the market now for a little over a week. The six-unit building's a new one, built in 1998, but the neighborhood itself is saturated with old money and architectural cred, if that's the kind of thing that floats your boat. Designs by Willis Polk, among others, abound — the website notes that "prominent California families invited distinguished architect (sic) to build their homes here." If the price doesn't do a good enough job of conveying pedigree — it's asking $2,895,000 — the HOA dues will, at $2,457 a month. Did you just gasp? Because that means this place is too rich for your blood.
· 1043 Vallejo [Website]

The Summit

200 Shiloh Street, , PA 15211 Visit Website

1043 Vallejo St., San Francisco, CA