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18 Dogpatch Flats and Townhomes Make Their Long-Awaited Debut

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A few months ago, SocketSite spotted the finishing retouches on 628 19th St., a beleaguered Dogpatch project that had seen a couple of "shoddy" contractors come and go. Now newly finished (for real!), the 18-unit Vanguard Properties project has come online with a mix of 2-bed and 3-bed flats and townhomes. Inside SF RE notes that while the majority of the condos range from $749K to $779K, the cheapest one's going for $699K, and the priciest one, $849K. Homeowners dues are $403 to $417. The broker blog spots a downside to the otherwise nicely laid out units: master bedrooms are "huge," while living areas are "small" — a tradeoff that not everyone's going to dig. Two of the units are reportedly already in contract, while there are another two flashing their goods on the MLS: a 3-bed, 2.5-bath for $759,000 and another for $749,000.
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638 19th

638 19th Street, San Francisco, CA

638 19th

638 19th St., San Francisco, CA