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3-Bedroom Eco-Friendly Architecture Award-Winner in Potrero Hill

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In 2008, Lafayette-based architect James Phillip Wright snagged an California Home + Design award for eco-friendly architecture with 2311 19th St in Potrero Hill. The 3-bed, 3.5-bath house was something of a leap for Wright — "a new palette for my canvas" — who was more known at the time for his "extravagant Beverly Hills mansions and luxurious Malibu bungalows." The house uses an engineered lumber reportedly four times more durable than wood, and relies on a ventilation system that keeps temperature naturally regulated. We're not sold on the colors, but they can easily be replaced with some other scheme, non-VOC obviously. Asking price is $2,195,000.

Update: By the way, the sister house, a 3-bed 3-bath at 2321 19th, is also on the market for $1,895,000.

· 2311 19th St [Redfin]

2311 19th St., San Francisco, CA