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Berkeley Gets Indignant Over a Ginormous House's 'Green' Label

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The NYT has taken notice of the trouble brewing in Berkeley over Lotus founder Mitch Kapor's proposal to build a 10,000 square foot house that by city standards wins a "green" label. Enviro types are pretty ticked at the designation — the house has 3,500 square feet dedicated to its 10-car garage alone. But unlike systems that hold their buildings to some measurable green performance standard, Berkeley's system and the nationwide LEED system rely on just racking up points using green features like low-flow shower heads. Says one architect on a client with a heart of green: "He's a billionaire, and he drives a Prius, for God's sake. He wants to do the right thing, environmentally. And now he's being told, 'You're not good enough, because your house is too big.' That is about socialism, not sustainability." The 'S' word! Anyway, big and enviro-friendly? Just more green to love, baby.
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