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A Theater's Still in the Works for the Richmond's Alexandria

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Via Richmond SF Blog, which has been tracking plans for the Richmond's dilapidated Alexandria Theater, comes much clearer plans for the site, which will include a restaurant, theater, and a mixed-use development out back. Note the theater, which wasn't described in a previous discussion of the project's new restaurant. District supe Eric Mar writes in his March newsletter that the environmental papers for the project should drop "within the next couple of months." On those pages are an adaptive reuse of the Alexandria, naturally — with a 250-seat "boutique" theater above a restaurant — and construction of a new, 46-unit mixed-use building in the Alexandria's back lot. The new building would have four floors of residential, with 136 parking spaces underground, split between commercial and residential uses, while the old theater's blade and marquee will get gussied up.
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