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Neighbors Want the Old Design for Hayes Valley Gro-Sto Project

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Last Wednesday, we got acquainted with a 136-unit mixed-use residential and supermarket project in Hayes Valley, designed (and redesigned) by Stanley Saitowitz. As often happens, the Planning Department demanded a number of tweaks to the project, breaking up the building with different and arguably more distinct materials. The changes aren't sitting well with the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association, which had consulted on the project early on and is a strong proponent of the previous, glassier design. Now they and some others are looking to petition the Planning Department to allow the building to revert to the old version, which the project team looks at as a better transition between the more monumental Civic Center and the local vibes of Western Addition and Hayes Valley.

That's the latest kink in the hard-knock life of 555 Fulton, which has been in the works now for five years. Last week's preliminary negative declaration was the most visible procedural hurdle that the project has cleared of late — it was initially held up for the purpose of getting baked into the similarly long-in-the-works Market & Octavia Neighborhood Plan. When that was all said and done, however, the project got bogged down again when the city asked for a separate environmental impact report. No doubt now that the cat's out of the bag, more touchiness will ensue — in the meantime, enjoy the before and after!
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