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Planners Want a Big, Dramatic Park Where Bay Bridge Meets Oakland

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John King has the story today on "Gateway Park," a dream-a-big-dream idea for the spot where the Bay Bridge meets Oakland — currently a "smear of maintenance yards and parking, stray buildings and scrub." Architecture firm Perkins + Will has been taken on to oversee the design process, which should result in a park with "attractions scaled to the immense cranes" nearby and "could be a park unlike any in the world." Planners and excitable park patrons are getting turned on by the potential "drama" of the site: noise, traffic, cargo ships! Sounds like a great spot for a romantic rendezvous, no? Says someone at PWP Landscape Architecture (the people behind the rooftop park on the Transbay Transit Center): "This can't be a regular old neighborhood park." Which leads us to one citizen's crazy brainstorm for the park, which should have a real concept nailed down by fall: a sail-in movie theater. Hot.
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