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Remodeled 1925 St. Francis Wood House Selling for Nearly $3 Mil

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A 5-bed, 6-bath house in St. Francis Wood, designed by San Francisco architect Angus McSweeney (of St. Mary's Cathedral fame), has just hit the market with a new website. According to 250 Santa Paula Ave's site, the 1925 house was left vacant for 25 years by its previous owner, but has now been "lovingly restored into an engineering masterpiece." The St. Francis Homes Association president and self-described "enforcer" wrote a letter to the new (and perhaps current) owners drooling over the house's remodel: "I just couldn't wait to tell you how thrilled I am over the aesthetic of your new home. It is going to be beautiful and you should be very proud to have worked within our system to achieve such (a) magnificent home. ... I am hopeful that you have found the extra effort well worth it in the end." Adding a hint that there's some communion with a dead architect involved: "And yes, Mr. McSweeney would approve!" Asking price is $2,995,000.
· 250 Santa Paula Ave [Website]

250 Santa Paula Ave., San Francisco, CA