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Gavin and Baby Are On Board With a Sit/Lie Law in the Haight

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Many eyes are on the Haight these days — local group Haight Ashbury Improvement Association just introduced incentives to get more security cameras in the area, and the "sit/lie" law's being debated at City Hall as we speak. (SFist notes protesters were on the scene earlier today.) Meanwhile, Gavin, who has expressed a lack of interest in getting his hands dirty with the "sideshow," recently took his 5-month-old daughter for a lovely stroll on Haight, and came back eyes opened: "As God is my witness, there's a guy on the sidewalk smoking crack." So guess who's a new proponent of the yet-to-be-introduced law, which would make it illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalk in the Haight? But likely based on the general political leanings of the Board of Supes, the Chron's C.W. Nevius guesses "the ordinance is probably a longshot to pass at the board and is likely to end up on the November ballot."
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[Photo via Flickr/Franco Folini]