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Oceanview Firehouse and Tour Returning to Market, Way Way Cheaper

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Then: $3,300,000
Now: ~$1,300,000
You Save: $2,000,000 or 60.6 percent!

The firehouse lovers amongst our readers were sorely missing a fire pole at 229 Oak — it's a Freudian thing, OK? — but Firehouse 33 at 117 Broad, which began its "flamboyant" search for a buyer over two years ago, will be returning to the market this month, fire pole intact. Just to be clear, the asking price, which started out at an astronomical $3.3 mil for the Oceanview home, actually has the owners' fire engine tour business baked in. For prospective buyers who aren't so much interested in running a tour in a "big red shiny Mack fire engine," the asking price will end up being somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 to $1.1 million. Takers? We hear it's "fun, fun, fun"! More photos at Firehouse 33's website.
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