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Mission Parking Lot Has 3 Different Park Designs to Choose From

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Three designs for a park are moseying their way through the "idea-gathering phase" for half of the parking lot at 17th and Folsom. Owned by SFPUC and leased by UCSF, the lot as it exists today holds 220 cars, and has actually been slated for some sort of park for several years now. For the lot's northern half, planners envision a 70-ish-unit affordable housing development later down the line. As for the park itself, "Eco-People Park," "Revolution Park," and "Mission Creek Commons" concepts would all include some variation on the community garden concept, with one of them including an amphitheatre, another a community gathering space with underground cistern, and another including a "bike-powered carousel" (fun!). While Mission Loca@l reports a generally positive community response, nearby business owners are — not unexpectedly — having a bit of a fit over the loss of parking spaces. In this particular case, the worry's over losing employees who would rather quit than take the BART. Says one business owner: "My impression is (city planners et al) have absolutely no interest at all in this issue."
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17th St & Folsom St, San Francisco, CA