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Trinity Place's First Phase Stirs Up 'Optimism' and 'Dread'

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As the moving process no doubt continues, John King aims his critic's eye on the first piece of Angelo Sangiacomo's 1,900-unit prize at Market and 8th, or "what's called Trinity Plaza." Or anyway, what the Chron continues to insist on calling Trinity Plaza — Sangiacomo & Co had long ago dubbed it Trinity Place. In short, King has two words for the megaproject, based on his initial reaction to Phase I: "optimism" and "dread." His optimism comes from the building's "genuine presence" and energy, his dread from fear that once the project's completed, that whole corner will become an evil fortress of gray. He hits up Arquitectonica's Bernardo Fort-Brescia (also responsible for the Infinity) for some thoughts: "The idea is to transform a rectangle into something more sculptural ... make a little city out of the building, then a larger city out of the whole complex."
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Trinity Place

1188 Mission St, San Francisco, CA