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Fisherman's Wharf Will Lose Pier 43 and Gain a New Promenade

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The SF Examiner reports that "Little Embarcadero," or what the Embarcadero turns into west of Powell Street, is gearing up for a pedestrian makeover that'll first and foremost get rid of all the fencing blocking off Pier 43½. But the pier, which has been off limits since 2008 because it was getting weak in its old age, will actually be largely demolished — leaving a historic bell display at the tip of the pier intact and a 12-foot pedestrian walkway up to the bell. The old Pier 43 ferry arch stays, the big expanse of concrete goes. Little Embarcadero should then get an Embarcadero-style promenade with mobile vendors and some seating. The proposal goes before the Bay Conservation and Development Commission tonight.
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Powell St & The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA