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SoMa Alleyways Set for Extreme Makeover, Another Car-Free Plaza

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The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency's gearing up for some heavy-duty spackling action in SoMa alleyways near blighty 6th Street. According to the Examiner, construction crews will be trucking in a bunch of street improvement gear starting in March this year, including trees, brick-like paving, street lights, raised crosswalks, and art. There's also a car-free plaza in the plans — perhaps the "Tutubi Plaza" shown at the corner of Minna and Russ alleys in 2008 proposals? Says the agency's project manager: "The alleys are a forgotten treasure in San Francisco. A lot of people spend a lot of their time there." And after all's said and done, they might end up even enjoying their alley time.
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6th St & Mission St, San Francisco, CA