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Spring Arrives for Condo Sales

They're like groundhogs, sniffing tentatively at the brisk winter air, and deciding after all that spring, damnit, is nigh! We speak of the Artani, the Argenta, Symphony Towers, and 829 Folsom, all condo developments that have warmed to the idea of returning to the sales market. We've heard tell of rumors, solid or merely semi-solid, that was the case for the Artani and the Argenta. The Business Times confirms today that Symphony Towers is "jumpstarting" sales on 26 units that were previously leased out, and we've also known for some time that 829 Folsom was fishing for buyers again. So then, is the winter of real estate's discontent finally over? [SFBT, previously]

Argenta Apartment Homes

1 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94102