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Superb Art Museum Will Sell 3D Paintings and Faux Marble Tiles?

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Following the strange open-door reveal of Mid-Market's Superb Art Museum in December, SFist thinks they've solved the riddle: it belongs to the Hua Zang Si, a temple in the Mission that encompasses the "exoteric Buddha-dharma and the esoteric Buddha-dharma of Tibet" — a connection we pondered when the weird space first hit our radar around this time last year. We aren't religious studies majors, but we'll go out on a limb and guess this isn't your garden-variety Buddhism. Then again, the Superb Art Museum of America isn't your garden-variety art museum. A recent art sale held by the group ("Superior Art Building Material Co.") included items such as "faux precious-stone tiles, translucent paintings, and three-dimensional paintings." Wow. This might be a major anticlimax, but we'll reserve judgment for opening day, whenever that may be.
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