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Shadow-Restriction Ballot Measure Pulled for Some More Thinkage

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In the "political showdown" over shadows and city parks, supes prez David Chiu has called uncle first: he's pulling the ballot measure on increased shadow restrictions for buildings after receiving a letter from Gavin asking that "we pause long enough to thoughtfully and thoroughly study this." Since the measure's already been submitted, it can't be altered — only pulled. Chiu, for his part, says he's been asking all along for a comprehensive study on shadow impacts: how often we've allowed exceptions to the "tall buildings shall create no park shadows" rule, how many new buildings would do it, etc. Says Chiu: "That just proves my point — you are creating shadows. I can't do my due diligence when the Planning Department doesn't have the analysis we're talking about." Which actually leads us to think our supes prez is either a great backpedaler, or the whole thing was just an elaborate set piece meant to force planning staffers to go digging through old files. Not to start a conspiracy theory or anything.
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