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Mid-Market Loses Pearl, Just as Blick's Prepares to Move In

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There's a fire sale going on at Pearl in Mid-Market — the art supplies chain is shuttering half of its 16 total stores, 969 Market St among them. At one point in the mid-90s, Pearl was supposed to bring some interest back to the downtrodden area, but somehow only managed to augment the general feeling of rattiness. Then in the past several months came a storm of Mid-Market talk. Forget the signs ordinance — CityPlace, the discount retail mall, is headed straight for the spot adjacent to Pearl. Had the chain stuck in for just a couple years longer, it's likely it could have seen brighter days and more foot traffic. But then again, brighter, shinier competitor Blick's Art Supplies is also moving into the area from its Van Ness spot, so maybe Pearl knew when to call it quits after all. Meanwhile, the Chron notes that the supes' new shadow ordinance could endanger CityPlace: the mall would throw some darkness on Hallidie plaza.
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