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Group Rallies for Condo Conversion Reform, Supes Not Budging

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Same issue, same players: Plan C rallied this morning at City Hall in favor of condo lottery "reform," in other words doing something to open up the building condo-conversion process to more than the current 200 units a year. Mayor Gav has spoken in favor of doing so before, and has also put on the table the idea of just doing it one year — just this once! — to potentially rake in tens of millions as the city budget faces a $500 million deficit. The Board of Supervisors has, as usual, expressed a total lack of interest in the idea, saying that the condo-conversion cap is meant to protect renters, and protect renters the city will continue to do. Meanwhile, the Gav's spokesman says again: "We're looking for different sources of revenue, and this is one that won't increase taxes on people."
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