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12 New Mini-Park Projects Headed to Some Barren Pavement Near You

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Yesterday, Streetsblog visited the official launch of Showplace Triangle, one of two new Pavement to Parks projects following Castro Commons at 17th Street and Market. At the launch, our camera-happy mayor put on his pedestrian advocate hat and asked: "Who said that every single street that’s paved has to be a street that has a priority exclusively for automobiles? I mean, who decided that? And when was that decided? And why not take a look at that and reconsider those decisions?" Yeah! Yeah! Anyway, the takeaway from the launch is that 1) there'll be a whopping total of 12 new Pavement to Parks projects this year — counting the six still pending on the group's website, that means six additional unannounced pavement interventions. A lot of the work going into these projects is donated: Shift Design Studio did Guerrero Park pro bono, for example, while Streetsblog's main financial supporter is footing the bill for the 22nd Street parklet.
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