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David Baker-Designed Potrero Hill Pad for Under Its 2008 Price

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A 94-unit David Baker design completed in 1995, the 18th + Arkansas Lofts are a mix of townhouses, flats, and houses that were, according to Baker's website, "reclaimed from an abandoned railroad tunnel." The project also includes the g2 Lofts, a set of affordable live/work lofts meant for "artists" (we know how all that turned out). The 1-bed, 1.5-bath unit above is a two-level "townhouse style" one with a "greenbelt view" and what looks like a nice little yard. Homeowners dues are $398 a month, and the asking price is $469,000. (Compare to its March 2008 selling price of $540,000.)
· 1627 18th St [Redfin]

18th + Arkansas Lofts

1627 18th St., San Francisco, CA