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Winner of the Ugliest Building Contest: The City Center!

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It's time now to end our hard-hitting, weeklong investigative report into which San Francisco building is too ugly to live. The surprise winner: The City Center, the suburban-style big box fortress on the corner of Geary and Masonic. After Fox Plaza was independently nominated about a dozen times, it seemed like we would have a sure winner in the brutalist brown building on Market. But out of the 1157 votes tallied by this morning, Fox Plaza had received 201 votes, while City Center had pulled ahead to take the lead with 248 votes. Shown above is a MapJack photo of the plaza in its Mervyn's heyday — the discount clothing store has since shuttered, as we all know, leaving an already pretty lifeless street front even more zombiefied. Curbed readers have spoken: if any building in San Francisco should be demolished purely for ugliness, it's this one. (Take notice, forces that be.)

2. Fox Plaza (201 votes)

3. Marriott Marquis (99 votes)

4. One Rincon Hill (84 votes) [Photo via Flickr/Troy Holden]

5. Holiday Inn on Van Ness (63 votes, tied)

5. Old AAA buildings on Van Ness (63 votes, tied)