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Kronos House, or Broken Joy Luck Club House, Selling for $2.5M

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SocketSite caught the pre-MLS sale of 610 Rhode Island, otherwise known as the Gleeson-Jeanrenaud House, or more recently the "Kronos House," after the Kronos Quartet for which Joan Jeanrenaud played, and which inspired the architecture. Designed by Daniel Solomon, the house got ink in the New York Times, and was also featured heavily as the gray, angular house of metaphorical marriage doom in "The Joy Luck Club." This is Jeanrenaud in the NYT review: ''People never like change; they don't like anything new." That's 1989, when neighbors were calling the house a "blight on the landscape" and "the worst thing that's ever happened to this neighborhood." In "The Joy Luck Club," the mom complains that the house cost a million dollars, but the walls are still crooked. Then she manages to diss her daughter's marriage too: "All around the house I see the signs my daughter does not see. This is a house that will break into pieces." But enough fun — the 3-bed, 1.5-bath (really?) house is asking $2,500,000, and hits the MLS next week. (It sold in 2007 for $2,551,000.)
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Kronos House

610 Rhode Island St., San Francisco, CA