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The Restored Garfield Building on Market Has Three Units Left

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The Garfield Building, that classy dame on Market and Powell Mason that has some not-so-classy stores at its feet, has just three units out of its 28 total left on the market. Two of them are junior 1-beds with 658 and 740 square feet, going for $375K and $365K respectively. The third is the building's last full 1-bedroom unit, a 769-square-footer going for $450,000. The building was designed by the Reid Brothers, known for a number of big-ticket buildings across the city, not least of which are the Fairmont Hotel, and the old Hale Brothers Department Store just across the street from the Garfield. HOA dues range from $517 to $547 a month.
· 942 Market St #701 [Redfin]
· 942 Market St #402 [Redfin]
· 942 Market St #302 [Redfin]

Garfield Building

942 Market St., San Francisco, CA