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Oakland's Margarido House Gets Chopped Over $700,000

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Then: $5,500,000
Now: $4,795,000
You Save: $705,000, or 12.8 percent!

Home Girl has news of this hefty price chop for the LEED-H Platinum Margarido House in Upper Rockridge. Last July, we heard whispers that owner Mike McDonald, who built the 5-bed, 5-bath house, would put the house up for auction starting off at $4.5 mil. Not long after, the eco-palace hit the MLS instead for the higher Buy It Now price of $5.5 mil. McDonald sounds cheery about his new prospects, saying whoever buys the house will be getting it for "a million-plus less than what it would cost to replicate."
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Margarido House

5950 Margarido Dr., Oakland, CA