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Moscone Center Plans Underground Tunnel Bridging Two Buildings

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The Moscone Center's starting to show its age, especially in the face of bright new upstart centers in other cities, and one of the improvements planned for sometime in the next decade include an underground tunnel bridging its two buildings — one that would create "a large single convention room." Doing that would probably be key to drawing big conventions away from other cities, thereby throwing more cash into our shrinking river of tourist and tax dollars. The city will be funding upgrades with the hotel-visit tax it passed in 2008, about $38 million of which has been set aside for improving Moscone. Nothing too exciting's going to be happening in the beginning, though: it'll be mostly putting in "sufficient power outlets" for tech companies for all those laptops and plasma screens that companies all seem to require these days. After that: the big dig!
· Moscone Center loses its competitive edge [SF Examiner]

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