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Future Trinity Place Resident Shares Lounge, 'Zebra-Striped' Lobby

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As the tenant transplant from Trinity Plaza to Trinity Place Phase I slowly continues, our dude on the inside has snagged some preliminary cameraphone shots (beware of blurry!) of the inside amenities. Some shots — namely the ones of the lobby — have been visible from Mission Street for some time, while others reveal a second-floor gym and lounge area that have been previously unseen by the public at large. Unshown in the pictures: a secure bike storage room, the mail room, and "marble elevator interiors." As noted previously, most of the building's units are officially studios (though they're more like junior 1-beds), while only corner units are 1-bedrooms. Based on Craigslist ads up at the moment, units range from $1,699 to $2,044.
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Trinity Place

1188 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

Trinity Place

1188 Mission St., San Francisco, CA