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Nominations for Ugliest Building Still Open, Favorites Emerging!

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A day into The Ugliest Building contest, a.k.a. The Building That's Too Ugly to Live, and consensus seems to be building around some rather unstartling nominations: Fox Plaza, Fontana Towers, the Intercontinental Hotel, the Chinatown Hilton, and CCSF Mission campus, to name just a few usual suspects. Before we actually begin voting, we'll want to keep our list nice and tidy by limiting nominations to single buildings, or maybe at most a complex. Some entrants, however, are too good not to note for their own sake: killbotkondo nominates that "concrete square pipes akimbo fountain thing" in Justin Herman Plaza, jef_poskanzer suggests "all the old piers along The Embarcadero," and superasiaone throws in "all those duplexes that went up in the 70-80's in the Richmond and Sunset. Bay windows, faux rock entry ways, amber colored glass...yuck." Nominations are still open, so say your piece in yesterday's comments!

Meanwhile, Guest 38 notices that "the Metreon is probably the SF building most like the building in UK that is being demolished - basically a failed entertainment center that attempted to replace authentic urban experience with programmed, branded and completely interior spaces. The Westfield Center is similar - except it hasn't failed (yet) -but demolition should restore the historic Emporium Building - perhaps as Bloomingdales as originally proposed."
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