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Three Years In, Luxury Living at Edgewater Is A Little Cheaper

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Mission Bay's Edgewater has been out of the gate for a good few years now, and has been joined recently by other nearby developments that have finished up, including Mission Walk and Arterra, to name just a couple. 'Course, all else being equal, rents at the luxury rental building might have climbed a bit given the extra activity and interest in the neighborhood, but the money woes being what they are ... you know. In November 2007, SocketSite reported that a 1-bed, 1.5-bath loft at Edgewater would start at $2,600 a month. Today, that number's dropped to $2,323, and tops out at $3,369. The building's amenities include Internet, a gym, club house, all that stuff. There are other units available too, starting out at $2,055 for a 1-bed 1-bath and topping out at $4,682 for a 2-bed, 2-bath loft.
· Edgewater Apartments [Website, via Craigslist]

Edgewater Luxury Apartments

355 Berry Street, San Francisco, CA