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SFJAZZ's Hayes Valley Theater Plans Should Be Arriving in Spring

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The 700-seat SFJAZZ theater we learned about last summer got a little media tickle Friday in an SF Business Times profile of architect Mark Cavagnero — it seems the project's plans will get their official debut sometime this spring. Last year, the Examiner reported that a new three-story building would be built at the site of an auto shop on Franklin between Linden and Fell, presumbly the U & I Auto Safety Center at 205 Franklin. The building, according to notes from an Arts Commission meeting in 2008, would also have a 140-seat performance space dubbed "the lab," and cafe, retail, and office spaces. SFJAZZ was firmly committed" at the time to a 2012 opening. Tragically, though Google still links to it, a page dedicated to the "SFJAZZ Performance Hall" on Cavagnero's site has gone dark, meaning we'll most likely have to wait till spring for exciting images.

As for Mark Cavagnero himself, the SFBT says the man has carved out something of a niche in designing and renovating spaces for cultural institutions. He first made a name for himself fixing up the Legion of Honor, and John King gave praise to his Sava Pool design, done in conjunction with Paulett Taggart, last year. We also recently learned that Cavagnero's attached to the new police headquarters project in Mission Bay. At the moment, the SFJAZZ theater's still doing its environmental thing with the city, but the group has a robust $30 million on hand. Cavagnero's also been enlisted to study a seismic renovation of the War Memorial Veterans Building, as well as a four-story addition in its parking lot at Franklin and Fulton. In the meantime, new development LindenHayes probably has a lot to tweet about.
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