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Firehouse 44 in Noe Valley Has Now Dropped by a Full 25 Percent

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Then: $6,375,000
Now: $4,800,000
You Save: $1,575,000, or 24.7 percent!

A price chop so stunning comes but once every several months, but it probably matches this — well, let's be frank — stunning-ass house. Stunning enough to revisit the house in its finger-clicking entirety (or close to it). Like the other flamboyantly priced firehouse featured this month, the restored Noe Valley firehouse (No. 44) has been looking for a buyer for quite a while — in this case since May 2008. The 4-bed, 4-bath (and two half-bath) house totals 6,140 square feet and has a "dramatic observatory tower," the original spiral staircase, and — not to be forgotten — a wall-mounted toilet.
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Firehouse 44

3816 22nd St., San Francisco, CA