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Showdown at the Masonic

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Nob Hill's Masonic Center has been planning a renovation that would kick up capacity from 3,200-ish to 3,500 people, and lease the venue out to Beverly Hills-based Live Nation for more frequent, and more varied concerts. Nob Hill protesters — who are up in arms over potential shootings, noise, what have you — and the project sponsors will be heading to the Planning Commission soon to duke it out, though the Chron predicts that no matter what happens, it'll be appealed to the Board of Supes. In any case, Live Nation's not buying the noise argument: "This isn't sleepytown USA. I've met with some of these people, and when the cable car is going by, I can't hear what they're saying." [SFGate]

Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium

1111 California St, San Francisco, CA