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SFMOMA's Building a Fire Station to Make Up for Bulldozed One

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SFMOMA's planned expansion faced a hurdle in the Howard Street fire station that was sitting in its way. No more — the city and the museum have inked a deal whereby SFMOMA will build a brand new fire station at 935 Folsom St, and give the fire department $10 million to boot or essentially giving the fire department $10 million. In exchange, the city will deed the Fire Station No. 1 and part of Hunt Alley to SFMOMA. That's win-win: one for the cash-strapped city budget, two for SFMOMA and its new wing, and maybe even three for the lot at 935 Folsom, which at one point was planned for condos — and which we might also safely assume will no longer happen. If votes by the Fire Commission and Board of Supervisors go smoothly, construction of the Folsom fire station should begin next year.
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