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Pac Heights Tudor Penthouse, a Year Later and 10 Percent Cheaper

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Then: $1,565,000
Now: $1,395,000
You Save: $170,000, or 10.9 percent!

As early as October 2008, this "Parisian-inspired penthouse" in a Pac Heights Tudor was fishing for a buyer. Its list price back then was advertised as just reduced, to a little over a million and a half. Now with a new real estate agency, the 3-bed (plus office), 2-bath place has lost a good 10 percent chunk off its asking price. Bonus: a video from its previous life as a circa 2008 listing, complete with jaunty muzak.

· 2266A Jackson St [Coldwell Banker]
· 2266-A Jackson - Property Statement (PDF) [Hill & Co]

2266 Jackson St., San Francisco, CA