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Hayes Valley Lot Temporarily Fills In With a Community Garden

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Last September, as part of a series spotlighting the infill projects destined for the Central Freeway lots, we checked out Build Inc's 239-unit "central mews" project. It, like most of the other Central Freeway developments, has been on long-term hold pending a better cash-flow sitch. In the meantime, the feral parking lot between Fell and Oak and bordered by Octavia and Laguna — otherwise known as parcels O and P (see: Central Freeway guide) — has become subject to a communal intervention known as the Hayes Valley Farm. Given all the attention lately to both urban gardens and the desire to do something with empty lots, maybe it was bound to happen. According to the farm folk, the mission is to "create a successful, sustainable urban farm" where people go to "meet and connect with each other." Sounds like a great setting for drunken midnight adventures too. Question is: will neighbors happily let go when it comes time to build those condos/apartments?
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Hayes Valley Farm

450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Parcel P

Oak at Laguna, San Francisco, CA