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Parking Spots Axed in Pedestrianized Ferry Building Space Plan

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The plan to spruce up the Ferry Building's concrete backyard with a pedestrianized "great urban place" was, as the SF Examiner reported back in December, married to 65 new parking spots. Those parking spots have been axed following perhaps a predictable outcry from pedestrian and cycling advocates (pictured making out to the right) and nonprofit Livable City. Though presumably they're doing just fine now without the 65 extra spots, some number of Ferry Building merchants are "hopping mad" about the loss of new parking in the plan. Says one: "If you’re carrying six bags of groceries, you’re not thinking about catching a bus." A Port planner notes that "in the face of these kinds of controversies, we need some kind of demonstration that parking is necessary." Meanwhile, Livable City says their goal is just a more "walkable and bikeable Embarcadero."
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