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Alexandria Theater Is Still Doing a Whole Lot of Nothing

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Following a Richmond SF Blog report on the sad state of the Alexandria Theater, the SF Appeal today has even more about the 1923 art deco building. No doubt the glorious theaters of days past no longer have the same allure — check the Pagoda, New Mission, and Harding — and the Alexandria's no different. The developer, Alexandria Enterprises, currently plans a 46-unit mixed-use building for the theater's parking lot, while the theater isn't on any track to be returned to entertainment use. Instead, it follows in the footsteps of other theaters that have been turned into gyms — the YMCA from across the street's got dibs. Six years after the theater's closure, however, letters are still "ping-ponging" between the planning department and the developers. Meanwhile, "people were sleeping in there, cooking, urinating and defecating. Sounds like the inside is a goner." A moment of silence, please.
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[Photo via Flickr/Thomas Hawk]